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Terror Reigns Down In Istanbul

The Istanbul night club attack was very terrible following all of the attacks that have been happening worldwide. I don’t know if it’s because of all the new technology that we are able to see what is happening in the world or if it is falsified news that we are viewing. It looks like ISIS is taking blame for what had happened leaving 39 people dead. This reminds me of the time club Pulse happened in Florida. It has become very tragic for both parties.

Even though ISIS claimed to be the attacker’s authorities are still trying to find a specific killer to the crime. ISIS did report on twitter about the first terrorist attack of 2017. Per statement, “In continuation of the blessed operations which ISIS carries out against Turkey, a soldier of the brave caliphate attacked one of the most popular nightclubs while Christians were celebrating their holiday”. Turkey and US officials officially stated that this is an act of terrorism which of course I believe that it is myself.

Investigators found fingerprints of the individual and they look like they know who the individual looks like. Eight people so far have been arrested in connection with the attack. There was also footage of the attacker shooting a security guard and also a police officer at the entrance of the club. It could’ve been an individual who carried the attack all by himself.

The people that were killed in the attack were from fourteen different countries, which is all included India, Morocco, Jordan, Canada, Russia, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and even Kuwait. The security guard was the first killed sadly. He was lucky to survive a December attack outside of the Istanbul’s arena. A young female entrepreneur was also killed from Saudi Arabia and she was only 34 years old and a full-time communications manager for one of the largest banks in Saudi Arabia.

Dozens of people were hospitalized. 46 are still being treated even including one American according to the governor’s office. Most of the witnesses were just having a lot of fun. They first thought it was a fight, but it was not. After the gunfire, everyone started running towards the porch. Another witness didn’t know how many attackers there were but he saw one and started to hide. We really do not know why Turkey keeps getting targeted. Turkey does share a 500-mile border with Syria so that is probably why.

ISIS and Kurdish have launched attacks on Turkey. ISIS was also responsible for that attack on the Ataturk Airport in June that left 44 people deceased. ISIS at that time claimed to refrain responsibility for the attacks but who really knows what is going on. Turkish clashes almost daily with PKK militants mostly parts of southeastern Turkey. It always seems like when these events happen there seems to be a copycat involved. They can take the necessary to gun a multitude of people just like the pulse nightclub in Florida. Who knows if there will be another copycat on the loose which we all need to take precaution.

A Tale Of One Woman's Triumph

We’ve all seen the heartwarming videos and read stories of the soldiers who return home from deployment. With the advent of social media it’s been easier then ever to watch them return home to loved ones. With all of the chaos going on in the world, we wanted to share another story with you regarding a slightly different take on this tale.

This was made for Renzo Rosso, who is the founder of Diesel, and features some prominent features such as a black exterior color, Swarovski crystals, and red accents around various parts of the car to really add some contrast!


Fire In Tennessee

Gatlinburg Tennessee just experienced a major disaster recently. The damage there is just so breath taking and it is a very chilling scene. It is a good example of why one should be very careful with fire. There was a wildfire that ravaged much of the town. Over half a billion dollars in property damages was done to many of the businesses in the area and many homes were destroyed.

There were several people who lost their lives during this tragedy as well. One guy left his home and his wife and daughters to drive down to see what was going on. While he was gone, he got a distressing phone call from his wife. It seemed the fire was consuming every house and structure in his neighborhood and she was scare and did not know what to do. By the time he was able to get back home his home was gone and his family was nowhere to be found.


Cadillac & Silicon Valley

GM is revealing a vehicle loaded down with devices that track different autos out and about and can naturally brake to maintain a strategic distance from crashes, satisfying a security vision decades that is finally taking shape.

However the 2017 Cadillac CTS touches base to wariness in Washington, where Detroit's fantasy of autos conversing with autos is running into Silicon Valley's remote desires.

Tech organizations need to claim a portion of the wireless transmissions devoted to the auto safety frameworks 17 years back, much sooner than cell phones and versatile applications started a scramble for new frequencies. That would mean GM, Toyota Engine Corp. and different automakers could be compelled to share the frequencies.

The competition indicates how developing interest for portable wireless transmissions is overturning what once were communication assurances. U.S. mobile information activity tripled from 2013 to 2015, as indicated by CTIA, a remote exchange group. As indicated by a gauge by Cisco Frameworks Inc., U.S. versatile information activity will grow sixfold by 2020.

Carmakers say free utilization of the wireless transmissions is expected to guarantee security.

Separating the wireless transmissions may negate industry testing effectively done and "defer the sending of life-sparing advances," said Annemarie Pender, representative for the Relationship of Worldwide Automakers, a Washington-based exchange bunch speaking to 14 auto organizations including Toyota and Honda Motor Co.

Be that as it may, faultfinders battle Detroit likewise needs to give benefits effectively accessible on cell phones - including entertainment, activity notices and mapping.

The vehicle business has been extremely effective in pitching this as being about our extraordinary sympathy toward life and security, while these folks simply need you to stream Netflix while you're in your auto.

The Federal Communications Commission is analyzing approaches to share and hopes to get done with testing in January. A definite choice won't come until after more counsels with security controllers at the Transportation Office.

Carmakers say they require every one of the wireless transmissions the central government conceded them in 1999, however might have the capacity to share some as long as security isn't disturbed. They say changes may bring about deferral.

Finite resource

They understand that spectrum is a limited asset, and there isn't sufficient to go around, yet in the meantime, we are, exceptionally dedicated to vehicle-to-vehicle correspondence, so we're worried about finding the right sharing arrangement that doesn't overturn our innovation at this phase of advancement.

A few recommendations have advanced to address the question. One from Cisco that is upheld by the vehicle business calls for sharing the wireless transmissions however organizing auto wellbeing interchanges. Qualcomm Inc. has proposed an adversary procedure of limiting fundamental security capacities to part of the wireless transmissions, and giving autos and cell phones a chance to share on an equivalent balance somewhere else - a methodology supported by some tech arrangement bunches.

GM knows the vehicle-to-vehicle innovation in the 2017 Cadillacs would work under the Cisco convention, which doesn't change the channel arrangement. It's not certain the Qualcomm proposition would work.

Prioritizing car safety

The Information Technology Industry Council, members which include Twitter Inc., Google, Facebook Inc., Qualcomm and, favors sharing the auto airwaves.

As remote use develops, the radio range is being re-worked to make space for the downpour of video, messages, talk and machine-to-machine interchanges. Television broadcasters are surrendering wireless transmissions for use by cell phones, and substantial information transfers suppliers AT&T Inc., Verizon Wireless Inc and T-MObile US Inc. are delving into their treasuries to purchase access to more frequencies. Littler players, as well, see opportunities: Globalstar Inc. also, Ligado Systems, the previous LightSquared, need to let cell phones use frequencies now dedicated to satellites, and are in line for a rich result on the off chance that they get authorization from the FCC.

Talking cars

Talking-auto innovation is touching base as of now of mature. It highlights vehicle-to-vehicle correspondences over radio signs with a scope of around 300 meters. Utilizes incorporate notices about looming crashes at convergences, sharp bends and blind sides. The data stream would, for example, caution drivers not to move to another lane or endeavor to pass if there's an approaching truck.

The same wireless transmissions can supplement current Wi-Fi frequencies, which are getting to be over-burden and slow. That makes the talking-auto frequencies an object of longing for tech organizations, which thrive as web use develops, and for link organizations, which welcome endorsers of watch video on tablets and different gadgets, not simply television sets. No. 1 U.S. data supplier Comcast Corp., for example, has 14 million Wi-Fi hotspots.

Radio signals can reach through vehicles and around corners, not at all like some sensor technologies turning out with respect to current models for example, the car being tried by Google. That vehicle doesn't utilize the wireless transmissions being referred to, and depends on maps, lasers, radars and cameras.

Fiat and Diesel

Garage Italia Customs, led by Lapo Elkann, has just finished a one of a kind project. It uses a modern Fiat 500 Convertible, the but uses a heavy dose of Diesel and spirit.

This was made for Renzo Rosso, who is the founder of Diesel, and features some prominent features such as a black exterior color, Swarovski crystals, and red accents around various parts of the car to really add some contrast!

The interior is certainly no slouch as the seats have black Foglizzo leather, and the door panels have the same leather inserts.

“This particular project brought together two Italian specialists: Diesel in fashion and Garage Italia Customs in car customization. I’m proud of the result achieved by my Maestros, who were able to create a car that’s a perfect synthesis of Diesel’s style and rock spirit, exactly what Renzo asked me for,” Lapo Elkann stated.

Nissan states new Leaf will have a 200+ mile range

It's no secret that Nissan was going to offer an all-electric Leaf with a 60-kWh battery. They had the IDS concept vehicle which contained the size of the next generation Leaf's battery pack.

Kazuo Yajima, Nissan's global director of EV and HEV engineering, told AutoblogGreen that "It's coming," referring to a 60-kWh Leaf. "I'm sorry I cannot say when," he stated.

Yajima said that Nissan is happy display it's latest innovations with battery technology. Since the battery has twice the capacity of the current model, it will have twice the driving range, depending on how the vehicle is driven. "In the near future, I believe, we can produce an electric vehicle that doesn't have any driving range problem," he said.

New investigation for VW board member and ex-CEO Winterkorn

Former CEO Martin Winterkorn and a current member of Volkswagen Group's board are the targets of a new criminal investigation over VW groups market manipulation of diesel emissions testing.

The current VW Chairman, Hans Dieter Poetsch, is not a target of the investigation, but they still aren't releasing the name of the other top executive who is being investigated by Germany's BaFin financial regulator.

VW's argument is that this new investigation hasn't brought to light any new facts, and that their own internal investigations haven't found and clear breaches of duties from any of the accused managers.

If they are found guilty, they could face up to five years in prison or a fine.

Martin Winterkorn stepped down as CEO last September, when it was brought to light that VW admitted to cheating U.S. emissions tests. In addition, they manipulated software used to rig tests had been fitted in up to 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide.

This new investigation adds additional burdens to the legal issues that are facing VW Group.

VW faces hundreds of lawsuits in Europe and the U.S. over its emissions rigging. With the amount of lawsuits that VW is facing, they have set aside 16.2 billion euros ($18.4 billion) to cover any fines, settlements, and legal costs that they may need to pay.

"According to the assessment at the time by the members of the Board of Management dealing with the matter, the scope of the costs expected as a result by the Volkswagen Group was basically not dissimilar to that of previous cases in which other vehicle manufacturers were involved, and therefore appeared to be controllable overall with a view to the business activities of the Volkswagen Group," VW's annual report said.

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