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We’ve all seen the heartwarming videos and read stories of the soldiers who return home from deployment. With the advent of social media it’s been easier then ever to watch them return home to loved ones. With all of the chaos going on in the world, we wanted to share another story with you regarding a slightly different take on this tale.

Melanie was aware of the fact that she had put on weight before her husband left, and even more while her husband had gone to the middle east on deployment. She was determined to slim back down before her husband returned home and make it a big surprise when he met her in the airport. With a new found fire to drop the pounds, she started researching ways to lose weight and dive in head first.

The first thing that Melanie determined that needed to change was her diet. While she wasn’t eating hamburgers and french fries every day, she certainly could have been making better food choices. Cutting down the carbs, big time, was her first area of improvement. Less bread and pasta, while increasing the greens made a noticeable difference in a few short weeks. She was also aware of the fact that the sugar in her beverage selections was not doing her any favors. Water and unsweetened ice tea became her only choices moving forward, and once again this simple change made a big improvement.

Next, she started exercising regularly each day, whether it was with weights or cardio. Melanie noted that her mood improved just by adding some exercise in each day. For her schedule it was easiest to do cardio most mornings, and when she had extra time, included some weight resistance training. Melanie also noted that doing simple push-ups and wall squats started to make a difference in her muscle tone as well.

When the big day finally arrived, James had no idea that his wife had undergone such a drastic makeover. He could hardly believe his eyes that his wife went through all of this, and it made his homecoming that much better. She had dropped 8 dress sizes and while she still has more weight to lose, she's more than confident enough to reach her goal. Melanie’s one piece of advice for those who are looking to make a drastic change in their physical life is to keep your eyes on the prize and never give up. It’s easy to slip back into old habits, but if your desire is strong it will outweigh any negative obstacles in your path.

You Need Health To Live A Full & Long Life

Part 1

In order to lose weight you must have discipline and create healthy habits. Extreme discipline is needed to eat healthy food over junk and to get up and work out. The most efficient and healthy way to lose weight is by exercising 30-45 minutes a day combined with cutting out meat, dairy, and other non-vegan products. Going vegan is the popular term for only eating things that come from the earth and are not made by anything with a face.

With all the vegan snacks and treats there has never been a better time to become vegan and shed some pounds. While going vegan can seem overwhelming at first it is the best lifestyle change you can make for your body. Although being vegan can be quite a huge change for most part, because we all love our cheeseburgers. It is a change that your body will notice almost instantly. It takes a while for your body to adjust to a new habit, but once all of the toxins have cleared out of your body you will be looking at a brand new you.

Did you know that most people lose 10-20 pounds within weeks after committing to a raw vegan diet? That’s because your body doesn’t want all those chemicals in your body. Often those chemicals come from processed food and meat. After eating vegan for a while your tastes start to change and you genuinely like different types of food. After eating vegan for a month and switching back you will notice that some of your favorite foods don’t taste that great anymore. That is the kind of lifestyle change you need to make in order to not just lose weight but keep it off.

Keeping weight off is just as important to losing it and when you decide to be vegan it’s the best of both worlds. Being vegan can keep you from the yo-yo effect of dieting because it’s not dieting it’s a sincere life change and after doing it for a while you will wonder why you haven’t done it all the time. However just going vegan isn’t enough to cut the pounds and get the body that you want. In order to maximize weight loss while going vegan it is important to get at least 30-45 minutes a day of exercise. Weather it is a full on work out with trainer or just a brisk walk in the park in order to lose the pounds it is important to be active.

Joining a fitness group or even just getting a fitness app is a great way to start. Studies show that having a support system to workout with is a great way to keep you on track. Working out with a partner is my favorite. When you have a designated partner you keep each other honest and the path in front of you seems way less scary. It can be overwhelming to imagine trading in you couch potato hours in front of the television for 30-45 minutes of exercise but your body will thank you. The more you get up and get active the easier it becomes.

Over time it will become a normal part of you routine just like getting up in the morning. In conclusion disciple and good habits are the only way to lose weight and keep it off. With the combined power of not eating any processed trash or meat into your body and a regular workout schedule the pounds will fall away quickly. That’s the goal get the weight off quickly and keep it off as long as possible.

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Part 2

Losing weight is not a measure of a diet, or exercise. Lifestyle change is a combination of diet and exercise. If you change your diet through controlling calories and measuring your fat intake you can be successful for the short term in losing some weight but more than likely you will not adjust to the change for any extensive length of time. Changing your exercise patterns will also help you lose weight but, again, more than likely you will not adjust to the change for a long period of time. How you ensure success in long term healthy weight loss is through incorporating a method through a combination of exercise and diet.

Starting off slow, is the key. Start by going on a walk for 30 minutes for 3 times a week and then make small adjustments to your diet at the same time. If you eat out for lunch, especially fast food, start off by bringing your lunch 3 times a week. Through the process of incorporating small changes over a longer period of time you are providing yourself time to adjust slowly. The change will be less dramatic on you physically and emotionally allowing you greater chance at success. Using small changes in both diet and exercise you allow yourself a fudge factor if you stumble on either diet or exercise. For instance, let's say you packed a lunch, which more than likely will be lower in fat and calories than eating out.

You are late and in a mad rush, halfway to work you realize you forgot your lunch. You eat out when you didn't plan on it. Now you are exercising even though it is only some, it is more than what you did in the past. You are off setting the slip in your lifestyle change through diet by the introduction of exercise. The reverse is also true. If you are in a position where you will not get your planned exercise in, you are also making diet changes. In short, if you fail or stumble in one area, you have the other area to ensure you are making progress toward a healthier lifestyle. In the case of this author, it took me 43 years to develop my eating and lack of exercise patterns.

It is impossible to expect to make drastic changes and to expect them to endure the distance. The first step I did before walking a step or changing my meals was to keep a journal. In the journal I kept track of calories, fat and sodium. I did that for a month. Before that month came to an end, I was now aware of what I was putting into my body, I was essentially paying attention. I had already started to make decisions based on my observations. It started off small. I started off simply by not super sizing my fries and soda. I found healthy alternatives of food that I enjoy. I also had to learn to like some foods. I never liked tomatoes, after eating 5 cherry tomatoes a day, a goal I set, I found myself actually enjoying them. Gradually I found myself eating more raw vegetables. I began to eat leaner meats such as chicken and fish. I used to be a fast food junkie.

A couple of months had gone by since I had any ‘processed’ food. I tried one of my favorite of the restaurants in the fast food chains. I could not even eat half of it. Not because I was feeling guilty but because of the taste. I swear I could taste the preservatives and additives in the mass produced food. I am not even mentioning the sodium. This used to be my normal method of food, I did not know how salty the food was because after years of eating junk, I was used to the taste. Just like we learned our bad habits, we need to learn good healthy habits. Small changes can equal big differences. Look at a change jar. Small amounts of money get entered into it, usually less than $1.00. Given enough time, that small change can add up to big bucks. Small lifestyle changes can equal big health advantages.

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